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How do you get in touch with me?

Well, that's a lengthy one, you can read all about it in here.

What's in it for you

  1. about me
  2. my interests
  3. code obfuscation
  4. murder
  5. English and Dutch recipes and food thingies - all vegetarian!
    See also the cooking section of my fun page.
  6. what's on the air?
  7. more interesting web pages - and the hottest from among them
  8. links to fun pages


I knew that would draw your attention! Well, as you can read in the about me, I turn a year older every 20 March so I will give a little party... The beer, of a locally well-known brand will be cold!

Speaking of drinking, if, by any chance, you should be interested in the drinking habits of my research group, don't hesitate to have a look. But please don't think we only drink beer, coffee is very important for us, too!


What, you think I'm weird? Hell no, I am perfectly normal. However, rumour has it there is - or is going to be - someone with my last name posting email from the future... Hey, no kidding! You read it yourself!

And guess how I found out about that... I searched for kenter in the Lycos search engine... I wonder what sorta stuff there is about you?

Wow, look at this... there's a lot of Kenters out there!

The Dutch section!

I can't help it -- I was born a Dutchman! Although I spend a lot of my time talking, reading and writing foreign languages (mostly English and Spanish), Dutch is still my mother tongue. Can't say I have produced a lot in it, but there's a couple of things:

The Spanish section!

Back in 1994 I took a beginners' Spanish course just for fun, because a friend of mine was organising language courses and he needed students. Well, the Spanish course looked nice to me and many years later I still find myself busy learning the language. I follow a conversation course and I usually read a few pages before I go to sleep. As with Dutch, I haven't been very productive in it but here's some stuff I wrote:

Sorry folks

No more information or fun from me so why not visit other nice sites? My father has a web site where you can worship my nephew and niece, read all about pinhole photography and more traditional photography. For you foreigners out there, it's all in Dutch!

I also have friends with WWW pages. So you can meet Gloria from Ecuador! Next, of course, you will want to meet Menno and Hetty who live in Eindhoven.

Just in case you wonder what the military do in their spare time, there is this real tough guy Loek, who is another friend of mine.

And just a couple of crazy ideas that I had for future implementation...

Last but not least...

A warm thank you for reading my web page!

This page was scrutinised by the MI6. Er.. WHAT???

This page was written by Arjan Kenter.
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